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Welcome to X-School California University


The X-School, is completely different from the traditional university education model. We focus on developing students’ core skills and thinking logic so that they can be competitive in the society of the future.

Unlike other colleges, our educational goals go beyond simply imparting knowledge. We focus on developing students’ critical thinking, creative thinking, effective communication and cooperation skills. We believe that the development of these core competencies is the key to students’ future success.

At the X-School, there are no exams in the traditional sense. Instead, we use assignments and classroom practice to assess how well students are applying productive thinking habits. This assessment ensures that students are constantly improving with each practice and that the habits of productive thinking become their intuition and way of thinking.

We believe that through the unique education model of the X-School, students will gain a broad general education in four years of study, while becoming experts in the field they love. We provide students with a platform to realize their potential and shape their future.

Whether you aspire to be an innovator, a leader, or a citizen of the world, X-School will be your partner in your pursuit of success. Join us and explore the possibilities of the future!

Our Curriculum System

Our curriculum system can be likened to a pyramid, including the foundation, the structure and the spire.

  • Foundations are the thinking patterns and core skills that students gradually accumulate through interdisciplinary learning.
  • Architecture is the student’s initial contact with a specific professional field after determining the main direction.
  • The spire, on the other hand, represents the result of deeper and more focused exploration by students in various professional fields.

Our Team

Our team of professors is dedicated to guiding students to understand the laws of nature and apply them to their studies, lives and projects.

We emphasize the cultivation of highly effective cognitive systems and thinking habits to help students develop innovative abilities and leadership to become thinkers and problem solvers with a global perspective.

our EXTRA-cool Ideals
We emphasize on developing students' social awareness, critical thinking skills, creativity, curiosity, and self-drive. 
We have carefully developed a set of assessment criteria for our application process, 
which we refer to as our unique "Application Trilogy."

When applying to the School, standardized test scores are not required, and there are no expensive application fees. Admission is solely based on your comprehensive abilities and future potential. The Future College believes that abstract standardized scores cannot authentically and comprehensively showcase the rich inner world, unique growth experiences, and intriguing souls of each applicant as unique individuals.

X-School places greater emphasis on the critical thinking, creative action, and self-drive that you have gradually cultivated and accumulated during your high school years, rather than relying solely on standardized test scores. The college’s admission process is fair and transparent, and students are not treated differently based on their race, nationality, gender, or socioeconomic background. Furthermore, the Future College does not have any fixed enrollment quotas, so there is no cutthroat competition among peers when submitting applications. Every applicant is treated equally in the eyes of the admissions officers. As long as you can demonstrate through the Future College’s unique “Application Trilogy” that you have the potential to excel and contribute to the college, you will be admitted without discrimination.

part one
who you are

Applicants are required to submit basic personal information as well as their academic records and relevant curriculum information for three/four years of high school.

PART two
how YOU thinking

Contains six fun and innovative time-limited challenges that assess each applicant’s logical, creative, reasoning, writing, and presentation skills.

part three
what you have achieved   

Applicants are asked to fill in six personal achievements that they are proud of, helping the X-School to gain insight into whether students have taken the initiative to challenge themselves, devote themselves to what they are passionate about, or create value and change for their community during the three/four years of personal growth in high school.

x-School differences

The X-School at California University sets itself apart from other universities in several ways:

  1. Travel and Community Programs: Students have the opportunity to participate in global travel programs during their studies. Instead of being mere tourists, they are expected to actively engage with local communities, gain in-depth knowledge of each city, live independently, and integrate themselves into the local culture. Each semester, the college carefully designs “community projects” that allow students to apply their knowledge and address real issues faced by the local communities. This immersive and diverse learning approach breaks away from the traditional ivory tower of academia, enabling students to gradually adapt to real-life social experiences and gain a better understanding of the world.
  2. Global Problem Solving: The college collaborates with local organizations to offer solutions to global challenges. For example, they may partner with organizations tackling issues related to human trafficking and propose solutions, or support projects going public under top-tier investment funds in China. Such hands-on experiences allow students to actively apply their acquired knowledge and attempt to solve real community problems.
  3. Fostering Global Citizenship: The college firmly believes that building a future global village requires proactive “global citizens.” They emphasize that the only way to become responsible global citizens is through personal experiences and accumulated knowledge. Therefore, through travel and community programs, as well as opportunities to address global problems through practical means, the college nurtures students to become global citizens with practical experiences and cross-cultural understanding.

By employing these unique educational approaches, the Future College at the private University of California provides students with a learning experience that diverges from traditional universities. It enables them to gradually adapt to real-life social experiences and make meaningful contributions to global challenges.