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An Innovative Learning Experience: Using AI in the end-to-end movie creation process

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AI in Action: Create a Movie through AI Tools.

When students embark on the ambitious project of creating a movie using AI tools, they not only engage in hands-on learning but also open themselves up to a world of endless possibilities.

Through self-study, they delve into the realm of AI technology, exploring its intricacies and potential applications. 

Action and Doing

Only action and doing can let students grasp the practical aspects of AI, honing their problem-solving skills and enhancing their creativity.

As they collaboratively work on the movie, they encounter challenges, analyze data, and experiment with different AI algorithms, deepening their understanding and expertise.

Each step forward represents not just progress in their cinematic endeavor but also personal growth and development, as they learn to navigate the uncharted territory of AI and discover the joys of applying their knowledge in a real-world context.

Ultimately, this self-directed journey of learning and doing paves the way for an innovative and impactful cinematic creation that exemplifies the remarkable synergy between self-study and active application.

Unleashing Your Inner Genius: A Unique Approach to Learning and Success.

High Reward

Engage with the disruptive changes of AI brought to the learning experience under the guidance of Silicon Valley AI experts and Hollywood movie industry professionals. Experience the power of the innovative 'Just Make It' education system.


This program brings together students from multiple degrees of study, allowing them to apply their individual interests, passion and expertise to the project.

The Age of AI has Begun

Read Bill Gates' remarkable article on the impact of AI will have on our world, starting now.

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beyond your dreams

We’re recruiting fifty exceptional students to participate in the production of a movie centered on AI. These students, who will be pursuing master’s degrees in fields like management, media, computer science, and psychology, will play a foundational role in the creation and ownership of this film. This project serves as an integral part of their educational journey. A renowned broadway actor, recognized with multiple awards, will join us to provide guidance. Additionally, several notable actors and actresses will feature in guest roles, enriching the production with their expertise and talent.

This program brings together students from multiple degrees of study, allowing them to apply their individual interests, passion and expertise to the project. Students will use, and optionally develop, a variety of Al tools in order to accomplish the goals of the project, encompassing all aspects of the movie creation process such as script writing; set and lighting design; music and effects creation; recording and post production; even acting and directing!

This project-based learning approach to education, combined with amazing advisors from various domains, makes connecting and collaborating across multiple disciplines a unique opportunity for students.



In a traditional university setting, students are expected to follow a standardized curriculum, regardless of their existing knowledge, interests, or future goals. However, our educational approach takes a different path. We offer a project-based education that empowers students to actively participate in shaping their learning experience.

Instead of being confined to predetermined coursework, students have the freedom to choose roles within projects that align with their interests. By immersing themselves in these projects, they not only gain practical experience but also encounter a multitude of questions and unknowns. In order to address these uncertainties, students construct a question tree—a structured framework that organizes their inquiries.

Through this process, students identify the specific knowledge they need to acquire and the skills they need to develop in order to navigate their project effectively. This personalized learning journey allows them to actively pursue the answers to their questions while also preparing themselves for their desired future endeavors.

In essence, our educational approach fosters a dynamic and engaging environment where students take ownership of their education, explore their passions, and build the necessary foundations to achieve their goals.


up to 50 students

Work together to make a film/movie and you're the founder who creates the story, make the film and sell it.

Simple self CONTROLS

Students work together at their own pace with the guidance of Silicon Valley experts and Hollywood award winners.

quality education

Amazing teachers and experts. A new experience you never had before.

be your boss

Take a break from your surroundings and dive deep into a powerful clear goal to make your own successful movie for a big hit?

AI Technology-centered

Take the full advantage of the AI-based tools and make your movie perfect, sleek, and modern design that will suit your spirit and vibe. AI is used throughout as much of the production process as possible, such as script writing, set design, lighting direction, music selection, etc.

Enjoy every moment

Move and dance with your peers around the world and enjoy every moment wherever the movie takes you to.

opportunity - Limited 50 students

The power of the AI experience

CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY offers you the first of its kind of educational experience with complete self control. The project-based learning structure will enhance the way you learn, make and own your life, with no boundaries.

Just make it

just make it


“The experience of learning has transferred my life. Through this highly integrated learning method and process of theory and practice, I have gained a lot of profound insights about life. I used to look at life flat. In the process of studying this degree, weekly reading, communication, sharing, discussion, practice, reflection… is a process of constantly returning from practice to theory, and landing again into practice in life. Through this process, I realized that life and life are three-dimensional, even intertwined in multiple times and spaces. This is not a conclusion of the mind, but an understanding. And this changed my consciousness and the way I saw life.”


“There are many challenges in this process. In the processes of these challenges, I have done a lot of things that I never thought I could, constantly developed my potential, improved my time scheduling and balance ability; have been more self-responsible, a larger and more stable inner space, a greater sense of certainty in facing difficulties, and love myself more. I think these are more important than the study of knowledge.”

The way you learn at CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY

Beyond your dreams

The first of its kind of learning, making and owning.
Let's shape the future together.

Roles to play

Let us know which important role(s) you want to play and learn toward your master’s degrees in management, computer science, media & communication, and psychology. Roles include but not limited to:

  • AI Tools Technologist: Apply AI tools such as software, algorithms, or applications to perform tasks in all key stages of the filmmaking process, such as script writing; set design; cinematography; music and audio effects; directing; acting; and post production
  • Director: The director is responsible for the creative vision and overall execution of the film. They work closely with the actors, cinematographer, and other crew members to bring the script to life.
  • Producer: The producer oversees the financial and logistical aspects of the film production. They secure funding, hire key personnel, manage the budget, and ensure the project stays on schedule.
  • Screenwriter: The screenwriter develops the script, creating the story, characters, and dialogue. They work closely with the director to refine the screenplay throughout the production process.
  • Cinematographer/Director of Photography (DP): The cinematographer or DP is in charge of capturing the visual elements of the film. They work with the director to determine the visual style, choose camera angles, lighting setups, and oversee the camera and lighting crew.
  • Production Designer: The production designer is responsible for the overall visual look and feel of the film. They work closely with the director and cinematographer to create the film’s aesthetic, including set design, costumes, props, and visual elements.
  • Editor: The editor takes the footage shot during production and assembles it into a cohesive and engaging final product. They work closely with the director to shape the story, pacing, and overall structure of the film.
  • Sound Designer: The sound designer is responsible for the film’s auditory elements. They create or select sounds, design the film’s soundscapes, and work with the audio team to ensure high-quality sound recording and mixing.
  • Composer: The composer creates the original score or soundtrack for the film. They work closely with the director to understand the desired emotional tone and create music that enhances the storytelling.
  • Actors: Actors bring the characters to life through their performances. They work with the director and other actors to deliver authentic and compelling portrayals of their roles.

These are just a few of the key roles involved in making a movie. Depending on the scale and complexity of the production, there can be many more individuals involved in various departments such as costume design, makeup and hair, visual effects, and more.