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Higher education in the 21st century is impelled by competitive global forces that require pedagogies, technologies, structures, and research to become truly innovative for dynamic progress.

While the United States has witnessed an unprecedented expansion of its educational competencies and skill bases over the past decades, there seems to be a persistent gap between the kind of knowledge and skills that are most in demand in the workplace, and those that training systems continue to provide. Therefore, in a rapidly evolving educational ecosystem, it is important to ensure that education and training focus on closing this employability gap between precise workplace needs, and the content, quality, and validity of educational programs geared for the workplace.

Our Difference

In a traditional university setting, students are expected to follow a standardized curriculum, regardless of their existing knowledge, interests, or future goals. However, our educational approach takes a different path. We offer a project-based education that empowers students to actively participate in shaping their learning experience.

Instead of being confined to predetermined coursework, students have the freedom to choose roles within projects that align with their interests. By immersing themselves in these projects, they not only gain practical experience but also encounter a multitude of questions and unknowns. In order to address these uncertainties, students construct a question tree—a structured framework that organizes their inquiries.

Through this process, students identify the specific knowledge they need to acquire and the skills they need to develop in order to navigate their project effectively. This personalized learning journey allows them to actively pursue the answers to their questions while also preparing themselves for their desired future endeavors.

In essence, our educational approach fosters a dynamic and engaging environment where students take ownership of their education, explore their passions, and build the necessary foundations to achieve their goals.

For us, project-based learning means creating learning experiences that engage the heart, hands, and heads of all students. Through our automated project-based learning, students tend to benefit from the following:

  • Emotionally Engaged: The project is relevant to students. They see how their work will impact the things and people they care about.
  • Actively Engaged: Students take an active role throughout the learning process. They design solutions, build prototypes, create models, pitch ideas, and more.
  • Cognitively Engaged: Throughout the project, students construct knowledge and solve problems, gaining the key knowledge, skills, and understandings to be successful in school and beyond.

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Master of Applied Psychology (MAP) Master of Communication & Media (MCM)

These intensive, one to two year master’s programs are provided by Golden Gate College DBA California University School of Psychology.

For MAP,  there are three concentrations: Consumer and Organizational Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, and Early Childhood Development and Counseling. Our faculty members are from all over the world and specialized in their fields with decades experience and expertise.

Our program combines the western psychology and the eastern philosophy, which by acknowledging and addressing equally all aspects of human transcendent being (spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional, physical and creative). Graduates from the program will use this unique and holistic approach to promote healing, creativity, transformation, and growth in individuals, groups, and organizations. Our education of psychology applies its fundamental notion that human beings’ extraordinary personal experiences and spirituality transcend their individual being and unite them with others, communities, and the whole of the physical and spiritual world around them. The curriculum in psychology includes courses in transpersonal psychology theory and research methods, spirituality and spiritual development, theories of personality, and transpersonal approaches to creativity.

For MCM, we have two innovative learning experiences: 1) using AI in the end-to-end movie creation process; 2) how acting can be powerful in mass communication. Read more…

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Our MBA program offers a wide range of courses in the essentials of economics, finance, accounting, marketing, strategy, organizational behavior and operations management. Students may concentrate their studies in Information Systems, Data Analytics, or Digital Art and Media.

The MBA degree requires 48 units, which can be completed at an accelerated pace in 12-months or spread out over multiple years. Once admitted, students have the option of selecting a plan of study that best suits them. Courses are offered face-to-face, completely online or in a hybrid format which combines online study along with face-to-face meetings.

The goal of the MBA program is to prepare students to become leaders in the global business environment. Graduates will understand the theories and concepts necessary to be applied in solving problems in the global business environment. The measurable objectives of the programare:

  • Develop students with strong management skills and be able to apply critical and analytical thinking,
  • Develop students with leadership skills and communication skills to perform effectively with teams andorganizations,
  • Develop students to apply business knowledge in problem solving and decisionmaking,
  • Develop graduates with applications of technology withinbusiness.

Master of Science in Computer Science

Our Master of Science degree in CS offers a variety of benefits, including the ability to improve upon emerging software technologies and applications. Students may concentrate their studies in Mobile App Development, Data Analytics, or Digital Art and Media.

The MS in CS degree requires 48 units, which can be completed at an accelerated pace in 12-months or spread out over multiple years. Once admitted, students have the option of selecting a plan of study that best suits them. Courses are offered face-to-face, completely online or in a hybrid format which combines online study along with face-to-face meetings. 

The goal of the Computer Science program is to prepare students to combine the fundamental knowledge and best practices for software engineering, database theory and design, and cloud computing. Our focus is on developing essential communication skills to enable graduates to clearly discuss issues and solutions with both technical and non-technical audiences. The measurable objectives of the programare:

  • Design advanced software and systems to optimize resources and produce results
  • Develop computational technologies for data-driven decisions
  • Build and implement effective IT organizational structure within businesses
  • Develop critical thinking and ability to analyze and synthesize computer science concepts and skills with ethical standards.

Mission and Vision

The California University provides innovative education and aspires lifelong learning.


Students may apply for the CU Scholarship for the Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer Quarters for tuition credit.

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