Campus Forum
How to choose kindergarten for children?

Forum time: September 27 19: 30-21: 30, 2023

Discussion on the System of Early Childhood Education in China
Speakers: Hu Peiya, Sheng Zhenhong, Deng Jinjin & Feng


1) They say early childhood education is important, what is it? Are you Have these Confused?
2) In face of many educational concepts, such as Montessori, Waldorf, Natural education, Bader, etc, how to choose?
3) So many ideas and systems, as parents or teachers, how to integrate, in order to be more conducive to the growth of children?

Join the forum to find out and find your answers!

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Introduction to the Psychology Master’s Program at California University

Lecture Date: September 8th, 19:00, 2023

Understanding the Relationship Between Psychology and a Fulfilling Life: Insights and Self-Help

Professor Guangwen Song

· Ph.D. in Psychology, Doctoral Supervisor
· Former Director of the Institute of Psychological Assessment and Applied Psychology, South China University of Technology
· Former Dean of the Faculty of Education and Director of the Institute of Psychology Science, Qufu Normal University
· Visiting Professor at Private California University, USA

Lecture Focus:
Exploring the academic and scientific aspects of psychology and the theoretical and practical value of psychology in achieving a fulfilling life.

Tencent Meeting ID: 928-186-470
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How to develop children’s potential

Lecture Time: August 25, 19: 30-21: 00, 2023

Introduction of Master of Early Childhood Counseling Program
By Zhang Dongling

Lecture highlight

  1. the factors that hinder the development of children’s potential
  2. how to let children learn consciously and actively
  3. how to cultivate lifelong learning quality that allows
    the sustainable development of potential

Welcome your participation and discussion!
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Campus Forum: About Depression Exploration/Exchange/Collision/Sparks/Discoveries

Event Date: July 28th (Friday) from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Guest Speakers:

  • Mei Xia Liu
  • Peiyao Hu
  • Xuning Guo

Moderator: Xuedong Liang  


  • What leads the mind into depression?
  • What are the experiences during depression?
  • Personal experiences of overcoming depression shared by those who have experienced it.

Meeting on Tencent: ID: 346-274-517

Depression is receiving increasing attention and has become a societal topic of discussion. Private California University, USA, invites Professor Xuedong Liang to host a campus forum on depression. He will engage in a discussion with three master’s students on the subject. We welcome your attention and participation! Scan the code for inquiries and to join the discussion.

Campus Forum: Dream & life


Event Date: July 6th (Thursday) from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM, 2023

Featured Speakers:

  • Zhijuan Yuan
  • Guixiang Zhu
  • Yang Chenxi Ding
  • Peiyao Hu
  • Zhihong Li 

 Forum Topics:

  • What are dreams?
  • The relationship between dreams and life
  • Understanding dreams and how they relate to our learning

Meeting on Tencent: ID: 766-727-995

As the spring semester course “Dreams and Life” at California University, USA, comes to a successful conclusion, we have invited Teaching Assistant Zhihong Li and four students to conduct this campus forum. It brings a touch of mystery and a unique coolness to the hot summer days.

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Campus Forum: Emotion Psychology

Event Date: May 22, 7: 30-9: 00 pm, 2023

Cultivate Emotional ability from the baby – An introduction to the Master of Early Childhood Counseling 

Speaker: Liang Xuedong

PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, Sophia University

Certified instructor of Practical skills Training in Humanistic / Transpersonal Psychological Counseling

If you:
. Interest in personal development
. Care for young children’s mental health
Curious about the emotional world
Want to know how theMaster of Early Childhood
Counseling is a professional
Invite your participation and discussion!

Tencent Meeting Room 791-102-436



Campus Forum: No mountain is insurmountable, and no pain is incurable

Live broadcasting Date: Feb 12, 14:30-17:30, 2023

Resolving Psychological Challenges, Living Authentically and Freely. Presented by Dr. Baorui Zhang & Wanping Li ·

Wanping Li: Founder of the Dream List Theory System · Visiting Lecturer at California University, USA · Initiator of the Global Women’s Growth Community ‘Fellow Star Planet’ in China,

Zhang Baorui · Bestselling Young Adult Author · Former Director of the Department of Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University, China Region · Director and Master’s Supervisor at Private California University, China Region · Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, USA · Founder and Director of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, USA · Professor at the Sino-American Institute of Spirituality and Psychology

Live Broadcast Highlights:

  1. Desire for intimacy but fear of getting hurt – how to break free.
  2. Addressing common fears and insecurities in intimate relationships – building a deeper sense of security.
  3. Effective conflict resolution in intimate relationships – rediscovering the power of love.

Search for ‘Action-Packed Wanping Viki’ on Video Platform Valentine’s Day Special – A gift to those who crave intimacy, encouraging you to bravely embrace your love!

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