Following acceptance for admission to the University, students will register for a program of study. Registration materials are available in the Registrar’s Office.

Formal enrollment in class is complete only when the student’s name appears on the Class Roll Sheet. Once enrolled, students may drop or add a class only by means of an official Change of Program form. Any class dropped or added requires confirmation by the instructor and must be recorded in the Registrar’s Office. A class not officially dropped will result in an F grade; a class not officially added receives no credit.

Please login to Student Portal for Registration.


Academic work at the California University is organized by quarters, each of which is ten (10) weeks in length. In general, one quarter unit is equal to ten (10) contact hours of lecture, or twenty (20) contact hours of field-based activities. Courses usually carry four (4) units of credits.


A larger study load requires the approval of the Dean of Academic Affairs. Graduate students enroll for a minimum of eight (8) units per quarter. Students who intend to graduate within 12 months, should enroll in a minimum of twelve (12) units per quarter.


Prospective graduates must obtain an Application for Graduation from the Registrar’s Office and submit it to the Registrar before they can be considered for graduation. Students are advised to file the application in the quarter preceding that in which they expect to graduate. During each registration period, graduating seniors meet with their advisors to determine whether their proposed class enrollments meet all requirements for their degrees.

Graduation ceremonies are held in June. Diplomas will be mailed to those students who have completed their degree programs and must depart prior to the graduation ceremonies.

All fees and tuition debts must be paid in full fifteen (15) days prior to graduation, and all graduating students must pay the graduation fees.